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Tourism for children: water zone


The humanitarian project of the Department for education, sports and tourism of the Smolevichi district Executive Committee of the Minsk region is looking for sponsors

Project name: "Tourism for children: water zone" 1
Project implementation period: 2020-2022

Applicant organization:

State educational institution "Smolevichi district Center for children's tourism and local history"

Project objective:

develop skills for safe behavior on the water; create conditions for introducing children and youth to a healthy lifestyle, develop infrastructure for leisure and sports and water tourism, develop tourist skills

Tasks planned for implementation within the project:

1.Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of socially negative phenomena in the youth environment;

2.Creating conditions for improving and developing the tourist skills of children and youth, preparing the team for participation

in sports and tourism competitions;

3.Organizing meaningful leisure activities for a wide range of children

and young people.

Task force:

children and youth of Smolevichi and Smolevichi district, lovers of a healthy lifestyle.

Brief description of the project activities:

1.Purchase of sports equipment and inventory;

2.Equipment and arrangement of the site and territory for classes

Total funding (in US dollars): 25,000
Source of financing

Amount of financing

(in US dollars)

Donor funds25 000

Project location:

Minsk region, Smolevichi district, city of Smolevichi

Contact person:

Yermakovich A. N., Director Of the state educational institution "Smolevichi district center for children's tourism and local history", phone 8-01776-28955, email address: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript